The U.S. EAC is working with all levels of government to facilitate the conversation regarding securing the election process and to support election officials' efforts to provide an accessible and secure voting process.

EAC Resources

Glossary - IT Terms Managing Election Technology

Glossary - Common Cybersecurity Terminology 

American Elections: Understanding Cybersecurity (VIDEO)

Incident Response Best Practices

EAC Best Practices

10 things you should know about maintaining your aging voting technology

10 things you should know about purchasing new voting equipment

Checklist for Securing Voter Registration Data

Checklist for Securing Election Night Reporting Systems

Quick Tips on Alternative Voting Methods

EAC Information

U.S. EAC Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Information Technology of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform 9-28-16


Cyber Threat Information Sharing Ben Spear (VIDEO)

Center for Internet Security General Resources 

General Security Recommendations (White Paper)

SQL Injection (White Paper)

SQL Injection Recommendations (White Paper)

XSS Recommendations (White Paper)

Spear Phishing Recommendations (White Paper)

BEC Recommendations (White Paper)

DDoS Attack Guide (White Paper)

Importance of Patching (White Paper)

Cybersecurity Training

Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) (Training Website)  

Self-Instructed Cybersecurity Training Information


Security Tip (ST16-001) Securing Voter Registration Data

Best Practices for Continuity of Operations (Handling Destructive Malware)

Ransomware: What It Is and What To Do About It


Voting Systems Security - Marginal Remarks Josh Franklin (VIDEO)

Easy Ways to Build a Better Password

Sample Security Presentations from Election Offices

U.S. EAC welcomes state and local election offices to submit presentations or materials used to demonstrate election security in their jurisdictions. To be considered for posting on the U.S. EAC website, election offices may submit requests here.


Denver Elections Cybersecurity Amber McReynolds and Scott Cardenas (VIDEO)


Montgomery County Board of Elections