In preparation for the 2016 elections, EAC collected continuity of operations plans (COOPs) and resources from election officials at the state and local levels. This page list the plans we received.

EAC Statement on Election Security Preparedness (8-5-16)

EAC Participates on Election Security Call (8-15-16)

EAC Resources

U.S. Election Assistance Commission

01/2016 -- Roundtable - Preparing for Election 2016 in Battleground Jurisdictions

(view the webcast discussion that includes best practices for emergency-related risk mitigation)

01/2016 -- Contingency Planning 2016 (Video)

10/2014 -- 6 Tips for Contingency and Disaster Planning (Tips)

05/2010 -- Contingency Planning (Video)

04/2010 -- Contingency Planning and Change Management (EMG Chapter 11)

10/2007 -- Contingency and Disaster Planning (Quick Start) 


Contra Costa County (Election Division) 

10/2009 -- Flu Season and Emergency Contingency Plans 


Colorado Office of the Secretary of State

09/2015 -- 2015 Disaster Mitigation Planning Outline

09/2015 -- 2015 Election Disaster Mitigation Planning 

03/2012 -- Emergency & Disaster Contingency Planning Guide


Pasco County (Supervisor of Elections) 

09/2015 -- Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)


Minnesota Office of the Secretary of State

12/2015 -- Elections Emergency Planning Task Force Report to the Legislature


Montana Office of the Secretary of State

09/2014 -- Election Contingency and Disaster Planning


State Board of Elections 

11/2009 -- H1N1 Preparedness

City of Bristol 

11/2009 -- Optical Scan Issue with Hand Sanitizer

Loudoun County (Electoral Board)

11/2009 -- Flu Contingency Plan 


Washington Office of the Secretary of State

Building Statewide Resilience Through Emergency Management of Elections

Klickitat County (Elections Division) 

4/2015 -- Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

Snohomish County Elections (A Division of the Auditor's Office)

5/2015 -- Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)


State of Wisconsin (Government Accountability Board)  

09/2009 -- H1N1 Flu Pandemic and Possible Impact on the Conduct of Elections

Wisconsin State Elections Board 

09/2007 -- Report on Election-Related Contingency Planning